Welcome to the Thomas Holt Art Gallery.

We invite you to enjoy the images painted by Thomas Holt, Western Impressionist Artist and the photography of  Karen Holt, Ozarks Photographer.  For information about the availability of original and prints from the art gallery, please call 417-265-3084.  We will be happy to talk with you.

Thomas Holt

Thomas Holt paints in the dramatic natural beauty of Wyoming, Nebraska and the Missouri Ozarks. Using impressionistic techniques in a plein air action, Holt taps the Old West (west of St. Louis, MO) for inspiration.  Holt captures the essence of the natural vistas for you.  His gallery is in the Missouri Ozarks where he has an area that accommodates his painting. Frequently, his studio is without walls.

 Karen Holt

indianpaintbrush-karenholt-2622Karen Holt uses her camera to capture the essence of nature around her. Avid hikers and hunters, the Holts are frequently out and about, getting that chance to catch nature showing off.  In addition to the beautiful flora settings that Karen encounters, she makes bold photographic statements with images of the strong, abstract beauty of natural events.  The stunning ice in this photo is an example.  The thumbnail shows us cone flowers dancing in a glade.


Again, call 417-265-3084 for information about prices, shipping arrangements and the story behind each artistic adventure the Holts are documenting with their art.


Thomas and Karen Holt make their home in the Missouri Ozarks and travel frequently to their favorite spots in the Old West. Locations that are popular with many people who visit the places in body and in spirit.